1985 Live Aid Mega-Concert on Its Way to DVD 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Thursday, 11 March 2004

According to published reports organizers of the 1985 Live Aid concert are planning to auction off the rights to release it in the DVD-Video format. The organizers began talking about the DVD project after chief planner, Bob Geldof, found that pirated copies of the concert were being sold via the internet. As Napster proved for music and Paris Hilton recently proved for streaming video – now might be the time get Live Aid to store shelves in the lucrative and popular DVD format.

Whoever wins the bid for the rights to the project will have to get permission from all of the artists that performed during the show including Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Queen, Black Sabbath and many others before releasing it. In a litigious music business, this is no small feat, however, tempted by the promising trend of music sales on DVD-Video. it is possible that such a large group of high profile artists will agree to allow the project to happen.

Live Aid raised over $148 million for African famine victims. Proceeds from the DVD will go to the Band Aid Trust, which still reportedly provides relief to Ethiopia and the surrounding areas.

One interesting twist for the project that might tempt all of the parties involved to agree to sign on is the new Dual Disc technology being test marketed in Boston and Seattle. These Dual Discs have DVD on one side of the disc and CD on the other, which would allow for both an album release and a DVD-Video concert video all on the same disc(s). If the project is a multi-disc set as one would expect, you might even see a high resolution, surround sound version of the concert for both DVD-Video and maybe even DVD-Audio. DTS would likely be a leading bidder because of their expertise in mixing premium surround soundtracks for music as well as working relationships with Queen guitarist Brian May and others stars from the project such as Police frontman, Sting.

Sources: Arrowfm.com

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