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Wednesday, 11 October 2000

Straight Wire recently introduced their new Image-S new triple-shielded silver S-Video cable. Composed of hand- soldered metal barrel (not molded) Gold S-Video plugs onto a thick green cable, the IMAGE-S is priced at $50 per meter set and $12 per additional meter.

The cable has discreet dual shielded precision coaxes with silver plated OFC stranded center conductors for broad bandwidth transmission of ultra-high quality video signals. These coax units are entwined with soft filler materials and then covered with another shield to virtually eliminate EMI interference.

This design minimizes degradation of the chrominance and luminance signals carried in the cables. The IMAGE-S video cable can be run over long lengths up to 40 feet with minimal signal loss and is not as susceptible to the distortion effects exhibited in most S-video cables. The cable is available from Straight Wire in standard lengths of 1,2,3 and 6 meters and any custom length up to 65 feet. The cable can also be prepared with an S-Video plug into twin BNC plugs for professional applications.

For European home theater applications, straight wire features the newly expanded SCART line of cables, now consisting of the SCART-SCART, SCART-6RCA, SCART-4RCA, SCART-3 RCA and SCART-2RCA&S-VID. Starting at $40 per set for a heavy, full metal linear knurled, gold-plated plug and thick forest green flexible cable the SCART line is available in standard lengths of 1.5, 3 and 5 meters. Custom long lengths are also available and can be ordered in retail display re-sealable clamshell blister packs or bulk poly-bag packs for storage on custom installation trucks/vans.

For more information contact William Price at Straight Wire (800) 683-4434.

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