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Saturday, 30 July 2005

Samsung has partnered up with XM Satellite Radio to offer two portable MP3 players with satellite radio capabilities, using flash memory and XM’s own Connect-and-Play technology. Players will be available in two different storage capacities by the end of the year and will come with an XM Radio home accessory kit.

Subscribers will be able to listen to their favorite XM stations as well as fill players with their music files. Users who connect their players to a docking station at home or in their cars can also use the players to store previously recorded radio content (so that users can listen to XM even when no signal is available). Playlists can be built and managed on the player to include both music files and recorded shows. The players also make the best of interactivity. Subscribers can identify specific songs heard on XM radio and purchase them through a music downloading service.

Currently, XM subscribers are already able to carry their favorite stations around with a MyFi or TAO player (both retail starting at $299) but these players do not offer MP3 playback. By partnering up with Samsung, XM offers more convenience since users will no longer have to carry and switch between MP3 and Satellite Radio players. This alliance also helps Samsung differentiate its MP3 players from big competitors like Apple’s iPod.

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