HD-DVD Players Will Officially Output HD on HDMI 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Friday, 29 July 2005

Toshiba, one of the leading forces behind the HD-DVD movement, announced on a recent road show just how they plan to get High Definition video from an HD-DVD disc to your starving HDTV set. High res signal will officially flow through the easy to use HDMI cable while the analog outs will be downconverted to traditional, non-HD 480i.

HD recording enthusiasts will not be happy about the lack of 1080i and 720p flowing freely from the back of their new HD disc players however another more important people will be thrilled – Hollywood movie executives. Studios know the importance of selling their films right into your living room considering the boom in home theater paired with stagnant box office numbers in 2005.

Rumors persist that HD-DVD and the competing HD disc format, Blu-ray, could possibly hit store shelves for Christmas. This September’s CEDIA trade show will have to be the coming out party for one or both of the two formats if they are to even hope to make a splash this holiday season. Even if they miss this holiday selling season, the popular momentum for HDTV is so strong that people will want to buy movies on discs that look many times better. The question is – will two competing formats make mainstream consumers move into a wait-and-see mode like they did with DVD-Audio and SACD’s ugly format war?


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