Sunfire's New True Subwoofer Super Junior 
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Tuesday, 26 July 2005

The True Subwoofer Super Junior is most impressive for its size; in nine-inch cabinets, Sunfire manages to pack in a powerful 1,500 RMS and dual 8-inch long throw, hi-velocity, proprietary drivers. While a new version of the subwoofer is now available, it still retains its most distinctive qualities. It achieves outputs of more than 108dB and features Sunfire’s Tracking Downconverter technology that provides high-current power to the drivers through a ‘just-in-time’ approach that generates little heat. This technology is what makes it possible to pack performance in a small, 29-pound package.

The new edition of the Super Junior comes in Sunfire’s Ebonized Rosewood lacquer cabinetry finish, the same dark gloss surface treatment used in the company’s larger two-driver models. The finish is dark and deep, it looks black until a light is shined on it to reveal the warm, red glow of the lacquer. Another welcome change to the Super Junior is it’s price, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price has been dropped to $995.

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