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Thursday, 05 October 2000

In an effort to make Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) a mainstream AV product, ReplayTV has partnered with a few of the big hitters in the venture capital business to fund a project code named Disco.

The money is coming from players like Motorola, Charter Communications, and Paul Allen's (Microsoft) Vulcan Ventures Inc.

During prepared remarks today at Communacopia, a Goldman, Sachs & Co. investment conference, Jerry Kent, president and CEO of charter Communications, said "DISCO will benefit the entire cable television industry by integrating DVR functionality into advanced digital set-tops, creating a more robust platform for future services, and allowing new applications to reside on the DVR. It combines Motorola's advanced interactive digital platform and ReplayTV's software along with software previously developed by Interval Research Corporation. The customers' viewing experience will be enhanced, providing even more value.

We expect Project DISCO to be to the digital platform what the VCR is to analog television, a product that can offer the ability to fast forward, rewind, record, stop, skip, and pause" said Mr. Kent.

ReplayTV has been feverishly working with entertainment and technology companies to make a play that will give them access to millions of television sets with their innovative technology. ReplayTV will be able to serve ads and target users in ways that suggest a potential paradigm shift in the way television advertising works not to mention the way we, the end user, watch TV.

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