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Tuesday, 03 October 2000

Hollywood Stock Exchange (www.HSX.com) the site that turned Sunset Boulevard into a virtual Wall Street by trading movies and performers like commodities is giving you a chance to get your 2 cents (actually a little more than that) in on the development and back end of actual Hollywood feature films.

In its first step toward a comprehensive subscription-based film-financing model, Hollywood Stock Exchange announced the launch of Virtual ProducerTM, an on-line technology that allows consumers to participate in every aspect of the production of a film. The patent-pending program debuts with the Nicolas Cage-produced film, Shadow of the Vampire, which stars John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe and is slated for release by Lions Gate Films in the United States on December 29, 2000.

After visiting Hollywood Stock Exchange’s www.virtualproducer.com, registering, and paying a subscription fee, subscribers to the program will receive a Virtual ProducerTM credit on the Shadow of the Vampire DVD and a stake in the film’s financial success by receiving a cut of a series of box office bonuses, beginning at $150,000 if the film grosses more than $10 million domestically. Subscribers will also receive tickets to an exclusive Virtual ProducerTM screening and the opportunity to explore all elements of the Shadow filmmaking process, from story development to casting through marketing and the film’s release.

HSX's Virtual Producer gives the film enthusast a way to get into the movie business without having to work in the mail room, power breakfast at The Pennisula or be on "the list" at SKYBAR. Will you make any money with Virtual Producer? Its doubtful, but who knows. Will it be cool to get your ideas considered on a big budget feature film? You bet.

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