The Real Reason Why J-Lo Married Marc Anthony? 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Friday, 11 June 2004

Major news sources such as CNN and the AP reported that R&B singer and multi-platinum recording artist, Jennifer Lopez has married popular salsa singer Marc Anthony. This powerful musical super-couple is born just five months after J-Lo, as she is known, parted ways with actor Ben Affleck after a long and highly publicized engagement. Her beau right before Affleck, pop icon and super producer, P-Diddy (Sean Combs) was the big relationship that the paparazzi really first picked up on in a big way.

To the entertainment media crazed for salacious stories about celebrities, the quickie divorce for Marc Anthony and immediate wedding to J-Lo is certainly one of the year's hottest. The week after reports of the wedding leaked rumors have now surfaced from various publications that Lopez is pregnant. Being a devout Catholic, this would explain Lopez's rush to wedlock. Lopez has not publicly commented and her new husband refuses to talk to the press about anything other than his music.

The real story is the marriage of two pop music icons and the potential music they can make together. The likelihood of Lopez being pregnant is low although certainly possible. More than likely is the fact that after the "Bennifer" media nightmare an ultra-high profile celebrity like Lopez wanted to get her wedding over with as tastefully and as privately as possible.

Hopefully, Lopez and Anthony will head into the studio as soon as they get back from a honeymoon so that they can speak more with their music and less in the tabloids.

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