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Monday, 28 June 2004

HeadRoom's newest headphone amplifier, the BitHead, allows listeners to experience high-fidelity audio from computer speakers or portable audio players. The BitHead is both a battery powered miniature headphone amp for use with portable players and also a USB powered external sound card and headphone amp for computers.

When you plug the BitHead into a computer's USB port, the computer goes through a process of seeing, recognizing, and connecting to the BitHead. First, power comes up the cable and fires up BitHead communications with the computer. Then the computer looks at the BitHead, and if it doesn’t recognize it, the computer will download the driver stored on the BitHead and install it. Then the computer will begin to use the BitHead as an audio playback device. No batteries are required; simply leave the power switch off and the BitHead filters, re-regulates, and runs of the computer's USB power bus. If, however, you are of an audiophile mind, turn the power switch on and the BitHead’s DA converter and power amp section will run off the internal batteries for cleaner performance and lower power drain on your computer.

When not hooked up to a computer, the BitHead can be used as a headphone amplifier by connecting it to the headphone or line out of a portable music player with the included 9-inch mini to mini cable. Four AAA batteries will power the BitHead for about 30 hours. The BidHead is currently available for $199.

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