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Friday, 15 July 2005

Sharp recently announced its latest development, a two-way viewing-angle LCD that shows two different images on the same screen at the same time. The image viewers see depends on whether they look at the screen from the right or the left side. For home users this could mean the end of the fight for the remote; a couple can watch a football game and a romantic comedy on the same screen or a parent can watch the news while a child watches cartoons. There are obstacles of course, images overlap if viewers are not far enough to the left or right, and sounds can drown each other out, making a pair of headphones necessary.

There are several image applications for this technology. Two-way viewing allows you to use the same screen to watch television and work on a computer or play videogames at once. Other uses identified by Sharp include “advertising monitors” where people coming from different directions see different advertisements, and “professional monitors” that displays sales information to costumers and internal data to employees.

The technology behind two-way viewing involves a parallax barrier superimposed over a regular TFT LCD. This barrier separates the backlight to the right and left, creating different images on the LCD depending on the angle it’s viewed. The LCD can also be used as a regular display, with the same view from any angle. Mass production is slated to start this month and the LCDs are estimated to cost twice as much as regular LCDs.

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