Ultralink Introduces First HDMI Repeater 
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Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Ultralink has introduced the HDMI-RPT to solve the problem of transmitting digital video signals over long distances. The HDMI-RPT is the first product of its type and is smaller than a pager. It is easy to install, transparent in operation and represents the cutting edge in digital video transmission technology, according to Ultralink.

The HDMI-RPT does not decode/recode the video signal – the primary source of problems and compatibility issues in earlier devices from other manufacturers. Instead, positioned at the end of a long run of HDMI cable, Ultralink’s proprietary circuitry retrieves, equalizes, amplifies, and re-transmits the HDMI signal into another length of cable – almost as though the signal were starting from scratch at the source and virtually doubling the previous transmission distances possible with no decrease in performances.

The special in-line design allows the active circuitry to be powered by the 5-volt power line within the HDMI cable itself – making for quick and clean installations. The HDMI-RPT works well with all HDTV resolutions up to and including 1080p and is completely compatible with all HDCP compliant devices.

Using Ultralink’s line of HDMI/DVI adapters, the HDMI-RPT can also be used with DVI equipped hardware. The HDMI-RPT is capable of transmitting up to 25 meters at 1080p and even further (out to 35 meters) at 720p and 1080i.

Features of the HDMI-RPT:
- Virtually doubles the length of digital video transmission capability
- Provides the highest resolution possible even over long distances
- Self-powered active circuitry for fast, easy, elegant in-line installations
- Works well with both HDMI and DVI equipped components
- Fully compatible with all HDCP compliant components
- Supports resolutions of 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i

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