Could Apple’s Move To Intel Processors Mean Better Music and Home Theater Integration? 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 07 June 2005

Apple Computer recently announced that they would be changing processors from IBM’s Power PC chips to an Intel chip starting in 2006. The switch ends a long term relationship between Apple and IBM but also could mean a change in the way Macs run that is relevant to your home theater system.

Apple’s iPod music server and iTunes music store are highly popular and significant systems for everyone from the casual music enthusiast to the hardcore music junkie who walks the streets with an 60 gigabyte iPod in their palm. The Macintosh operating system complete with iTunes is an affordable, idiot-proof way to rip and manage your music however it comes with a major problem for more sophisticated home theaters – however it can’t be controlled by RS232. With no RS232 control, you can not easily control iTunes via one of the more popular touchscreen remotes such as an AMX or a Crestron.

Is it possible that with a new chipset, Apple looks to get in the home theater business and or expand its stranglehold on the music server business? Count on it. Microsoft is making some headway with their Home Theater PC software for AV components like HP’s Media Center PC however those products have vast problems including having no satellite or cable HDTV tuner (they have terrestrial only).

Could an Intel chip set make a Mac run Windows better than the emulation programs currently on the market? It sure seems possible. Will dedicated Mac enthusiasts boot up a Microsoft OS – highly doubtful. Could Apple make a PVR – Media Center PC that competes with HP and Microsoft? Bank on it considering the rate at which HDTVs are selling today. This is a rare opportunity for Apple to increase their marketshare above the iPod phenomenon.

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