Transparent Announces Two New DVI Cables That Go to Great Lengths 
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Wednesday, 28 July 2004

Typical DVI cable has bandwidth limitations in lengths greater than 15 feet. These limitations pose performance problems for projector installations that require lengths much greater than 15 feet. Most projector installations with typical DVI cable require inline signal boosting or optical conversion to transfer the DVI signal over longer lengths. Signal boosting and optical conversion, however, introduce noise and artifacts that are deleterious to the best video resolution.

After nearly a year of research and product development,Transparent now offers two new DVI cables that provide video resolution and color over long lengths. Transparent’s new High Performance DVI cable (HPDVI) works with all video devices with DVI outputs at lengths up to 30 feet. Depending on the device, HPDVI can provide very good performance at even longer lengths according to Transparent.

Transparent’s new Premium DVI cable (PDVI) works at lengths of up to 65 feet. PDVI clearly outperforms HPDVI at all lengths in terms of color saturation and dynamic range. PDVI also has a lower noise floor and does a better job at keeping artifacts out of the picture because of its shielding, 100-ohm impedance, and Teflon insulating materials. Transparent has not yet tested PDVI in lengths greater than 65 feet, but they anticipate it will perform well on a variety of DVI interfaces at lengths exceeding 65 feet.

The cables employed in Transparent’s HPDVI and PDVI will also adapt to other potential digital video formats that might surface, such as HDMI. In anticipation of additional changes within the digital video industry,Transparent has already researched and is prepared to offer other connection options and adapters that might be required to hook up components that have different digital video protocols. Because digital video cabling requires a myriad of tiny connections, it is not practical to terminate in the field; hence, it is necessary to offer specific predeterminated lengths and many different connection options and adapters.

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