The Latest Version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" Will Hit Broadway, But Will It Succeed? 
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Written by Diane Sherwin   
Friday, 27 August 2004

Former Sony Music Entertainment CEO Tommy Mottola has joined with Miramax heads Bob and Harvey Weinstein to bring an adaptation of Pink Floyd's legendary album The Wall to Broadway.

Roger Waters, who co-founded Pink Floyd and whom The Wall is loosely based on, will write a book for the show and will be orchestrating the music. The star of the Broadway production of The Wall" will be Pink, a self-centered and neurotic rock star who is reminiscing on the events that causes his neuroses.

Waters sold the rights for the musical to Mottola and Miramax, after being initially contacted by Mottola. Mottola then teamed with Harvey Weinstein, who has prior producer experience and is also currently working on another rock and roll musical entitled All Shook Up.

Pink Floyd's The Wall double-album was released in 1979, inspiring the critically acclaimed MGM movie of the same name in 1982. Waters provided the script for the 1982 movie which is similar to the musical plot, but director Alan Parker over the years has been forthright about his difficulties in working with Waters, which begs the question will there be problems this time around as well?

Critics might wonder if introspective, personal and dark content like The Wall can succeed along side with feel-good musicals that feature the light-hearted music of Abba or Billy Joel. Perhaps the production team might be better off courting Prince who alludes to interest in doing a “rock opera” in his 1993 symbol album. Another act that lends itself to a Broadway interpretation and has the same wide appeal like Pink Floyd would be Queen.

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