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Friday, 03 September 2004

Five new power amplifiers from Classé Audio anchor the new Delta family, the company's latest introduction in their near quarter-century history. The five Delta amps include stereo, multichannel, and monaural models. Each model is designed to match other components in the new Delta family, which combines highly integrated industrial design with a new touchscreen-based user interface.

The Classé Delta series amplifier range is comprised of the 100-watt stereo CA-2100 and 200-watt stereo CA-2200, two multichannel designs, the 3x200-watt CA-3200 and 5x200 CA-5200, and a single monaural model, CA-M400 of 400 watts. The five amps share very similar building blocks, differing primarily in channel-count and power-level.

Consequently, they also share important design and performance characteristics, beginning with the stable power supplies and large current capability for which Classé amplifiers have been known. Thus, while the above power-ratings all refer to use with 8 ohm loads, each of the Delta amplifiers delivers more power into lower impedance loudspeakers.

All five new Classé models also furnish both balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) inputs for all channels. The five amplifiers all incorporate power/standby switching controllable via DC-trigger, IR-signaling, or RS-232 control, ensuring complete system integration regardless of configuration according to Classé.

Most importantly, however, the new Delta-family amplifiers feature circuit topologies and components derived from Classé’s Omega-series amplifiers. Elements such as balanced circuit design, low-noise power-supplies, and carefully selected and matched output devices ensure the power, detail and finesse expected of Classé amplifiers.

Newly developed monitoring circuits constantly observe such parameters as incoming AC voltage and polarity, ground condition, output current, DC offset and heatsink and ambient chassis temperatures, assuring safe, reliable operation without any sonics-compromising protection circuitry whatsoever (or even the sonically intrusive expedient of fusing): If a potentially dangerous condition such as over-voltage or a speaker-leads short is perceived, the Classé amplifiers simply shut down, alerting the owner. And since all of the amplifiers’ monitoring elements lie entirely outside of all signal paths, the net musical effect of these safety nets is precisely zero.

Also common to the new Delta-line amplifiers is Classé’s new industrial design, developed by Morten Warren’s Native Design group. This features a dramatically radiused, sculpted-metal fascia and common chassis-width that encourage every Delta system combination to merge into a smoothly integrated visual whole.

With its combination of stereo, multichannel, and monaural models, the Classé Delta series power amplifiers can serve music and home theater systems in any configuration and any number of channels. The Classé Delta series amplifiers are available in North America at the following manufacturer’s suggested US prices:

• CA-2100 2x100 watts - $3,500
• CA-2200 2x200 watts - $5,000
• CA-3200 3x200 watts - $6,000
• CA-5200 5x200 watts - $8,000
• CA-M400 1x400 watts - $5,000

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