Can It Be True - Flowers For Speakers? 
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Written by Diane Sherwin   
Wednesday, 15 September 2004

Japan's Let's Corporation, that primarily works in telecommunications, has introduced the Ka-on device, which allows music to travel through flowers, eminating from the petals. The Ka-on (that literally means flower sound in Japanese) works by using a small circular coil that sits at the base of a flower vase. Hook the coil up to a television, CD player or stereo and sound vibrations travel up the water tubes within the stems, resulting in music seemingly coming from flower petals.

Since flower petals are arranged in a circular shape, sound is emmitted in all directions, creating more natural ambiance than speakers, according to Let's Corporation. Also, since the petals determine how much sound is emitted the bigger the flower size, the better it will transmit sound; Sunflowers would be ideal in for use with the Ka-on.

Let's Corporation also says there are other perks to the Ka-on, such as keeping bugs off plants and helping cut flowers last longer. It also allows for a hidden source placement, which is similar to rock speakers that have been introduced for those consumers who want concealed music in their backyard.

Currently, Ka-on cost from $46 to $460, depending on size. Let's Corporation is also currently working on developing a wireless version. Since July, about 3,000 of the $46 Ka-ons have been sold, and over 10,000 orders have been received.

Source: MSNBC

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