Nine Inch Nails Releasing The Downward Spiral Deluxe Hybrid SACD and The Downward Spiral DualDisc 
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Written by Diane Sherwin   
Friday, 08 October 2004

On November 23, Nine Inch Nails will release The Downward Spiral Deluxe on CD/SACD and a DualDisc DVD-Audio of The Downward Spiral. The Downward Spiral Deluxe is a two-disc set with a hybrid CD/SACD of The Downward Spiral and a bonus disc with remixes, b-sides, demos, non-album tracks and previously unreleased material. The hybrid CD/SACD has the original album in three formats: stereo, high-resolution stereo and high-resolution 5.1 digital surround sound. Nine Inch Nails fans should note that the hybrid CD/SACD will play on conventional CD players, but will take a SACD player to access the high resolution mixes.

Along with the release of The Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition, Nine Inch Nails is releasing a DualDisc DVD-Audio version of The Downward Spiral. The DualDisc has one side of the album digitally remixed and remastered in stereo and 5.1 sound. The other side has an image gallery, discography, and three videos – Closer (in surround sound), March of the Pigs, and Hurt.

The track list of The Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition:

Disc One

1. Mr. Self Destruct
2. Piggy
3. Heresy
4. March of the Pigs
5. Closer
6. Ruiner
7. The Becoming
8. I Do Not Want This
9. Big Man With a Gun
10. A Warm Place
11. Eraser
12. Reptile
13. The Downward Spiral
14. Hurt

Disc Two

1. Burn
2. Closer (Precursor)
3. Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)
4. A Violet Fluid
5. Dead Souls
6. Hurt (Quiet)
7. Closer to God
8. All The Pigs, All Lined Up
9. Memorabilia
10. The Downward Spiral (The Bottom)
11. Ruiner (Demo)
12. Liar (Reptile Demo)
13. Heresy (Demo)


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