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Monday, 06 June 2005

Energy is proud to announce the new Reference Connoisseur Series. This series fuses the latest in speaker technology and design, along with contemporary styling, in hopes to create an industry benchmark. Designed by Energy's chief engineer John Tchilinguirian, the Reference Connoisseur series boasts attention to detail as well as quality craftsmanship when making each cabinet or driver.

The lines of the Reference Connoisseur series are complemented by real wood, hand rubbed, Black Ash, Cherry or Rosenut veneer finishes which are designed to match with most decors. All models are designed to meet and exceed Energy's three acoustic design philosophies; wide dispersion, low distortion and wide bandwith. Brushed cast metal woofer baskets and face plates, combined with high gloss black bases/plinths further add to the performance and contemporary style of the Reference Connoisseur series. Rigid MDF cabinets are strengthened using Energy's patented Interloc bracing system, a computer designed full length brace designed to provide optimal strength without compromising internal cabinet volume.

The Reference Connoisseur series features technological breakthroughs in speaker design, creating one of the best sounding speaker series ever created by Energy. The combination of Energy's chambered 1" aluminum Hyperdome tweeter, Energy's crossover system and Ribbed Elliptical Surround woofers work together to redefine performance within Energy's speaker line. High output and good musicality are the result of the Ribbed Elliptical Surround, which is used on all woofers in this series. The patented shape of the surround reduces surround distortion from an average of 14% to 0%, while increasing useable piston area. The Elliptical Surround therefore increases speaker efficiency due to its greater surface area and creates tighter, deeper bass, with greater accuracy and detail according to Energy. Exclusively designed ribs are molded into the surround to stop surround deformation, a common problem with all drivers. The Ribbed Elliptical Surround is mated to a Kevlar cone that is light, rigid and non-resonant, which helps create high levels of detail and sonic accuracy. Instead of using traditional Kevlar, Energy engineers researched the ideal thickness and wave for a driver, to create the best blend of stiffness and damping. This unique interlace pattern and thickness of material is required to eliminate many of the issues commonly found with Kevlar, including edge-holes and dispersion anomalies. The Kevlar material is further coated with a proprietary resin compound to increase rigidity and uniformity. The aluminum phase plug and vented magnet structure increase the cooling ability of the driver, which augments the power handling of all Reference Connoisseur models. Using a cast basket for a stiff and inert chassis greatly assists in further reducing resonances and distortion that could otherwise exist with materials that are not as rigid and uniform.

The Reference Connoisseur series will ship in Summer 2005.

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