DualDisc Casualty - The Donnas Disc Recalled 
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Friday, 29 October 2004

One of the first DualDisc titles to be released, The Donnas, has quickly been recalled from stores. The reason for the recall is an audio problem on the CD layer of the new format disc that combines half CD and half DVD on a flipable disc.

A Warner Music Group spokeswoman said "A technical error occurred on the CD side of The Donnas' DualDisc in the pre-manufacturing software process. The error is unrelated to DualDisc technology. We apologize for any inconvenience, and consumers can log on to The Donnas' web site to download the missing track. Alternatively, they may keep the limited edition O-Card sleeve and return the disc to the retail location at which they purchased it for a replacement CD."

No immediate plans to re-release The Donnas on DualDisc have been made public. Fears of compatibility problems (i.e. disc not playing in front-loading car CD players because of being too thick) have been the ding most critics have come up with on DualDisc. Ironically, the problem with this album was something completely avoidable.

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