EchoStar Rumored to Introduce the First Portable DVR 
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Written by Diane Sherwin   
Friday, 03 June 2005

This summer, satellite TV broadcaster EchoStar plans to unveil the first portable DVR in the US. The DVR will be called the PocketDish and would have the capability to store TV programs, audio, photos and Internet content. The PocketDish will link up to DishNetwork set-top boxes/DVRs via USB 2.0 wiring.

EchoStar has been tight-lipped about the PocketDish and refuses to release details, but with the surge in portable media devices such as the Apple iPod, which is the standard for portable MP3 players, or gaming systems such as the newly-released Sony PSP, this product is no doubt aiming to give the company an edge against their competition.

The PocketDish will allegedly download a full-length movie in less than 10 minutes from an EchoStar DVR. It is also rumored to feature hard-disk drives with up to 40 gigabytes of storage, which is enough to store 180 hours of standard TV content or 25 hours of high-definition TV.

EchoStar is said to be preparing versions of the PocketDish with 2-inch, 4-inch and 7-inch screens. It has been said that users won't be able to transfer content stored on the PocketDish to other devices and since the PocketDish is so small, it will not boast the processing power of a regular DVR – which means lower picture quality. PocketDish will reportedly work with several video formats, including the space-saving MPEG-4.

Source: Yahoo! News

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