Sony Debuts Multi-Faceted PlayStation 3 
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Written by Diane Sherwin   
Wednesday, 18 May 2005

The video gaming E3 Expo starts today, but Sony has already created buzz for their PlayStation 3 at a conference Monday. The PlayStation 3 has 35 times the power of the PlayStation 2 and has a plethora of features, but won’t hit shelves until Spring of 2006, which is after the holiday release of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

In addition to increased power, the new PlayStation supports Sony’s own Blu-Ray storage devices, seven wireless controllers and has two high-def TV outputs, which allow this device to be integrated with today’s home theater (similar to the Xbox 360). The PlayStation 3 will be backward compatible with older games, comes with a Blu-Ray DVD drive, and supports 1080p resolution. Currently four simultaneous players are supported in the PlayStation 2, but the PlayStation 3 boasts the ability to have seven players via wireless controllers. All of the wireless controllers use Bluetooth technology.

With the two high-def outputs, the PlayStation 3 is able to display data on two screens. Sony says there are two uses for this. First, players can create a panoramic view, and secondly, players can keep a chat window open with their competitiors on one screen while playing on another.

The PlayStation 3 will have slots for digital storage devices such as Sony memory sticks, SD memory cards and compact flash cards. The system ships with a built-in gigabit Ethernet port and handles 802.11b and 802.11g wireless internet access. Besides playing games, the system is designed to allow access to digital video, audio files and digital pictures, as well as offer video chat and internet access to users.


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