Meridian Introduces New 5200 36 Inch DSP Loudspeaker 
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Monday, 08 November 2004

Meridian Audio announced the introduction of the DSP5200, which is the latest addition to Meridian’s DSP-based loudspeakers. The DSP5200 takes the appearance and design of Meridian’s DSP8000 and DSP7000, with many of the features of the DSP5200 being derived from the larger systems in the line.

The self-contained system combines a 2 1/2-way crossover design, three custom drivers, three amplifiers, two multi-bit delta-sigma digital converters, digital crossovers and computers to deliver accurate sound with full remote control over bass, treble tilt, time-correct balance, absolute phase, tweeter axis and input. DSP controls allow correction of the frequency response for a variety of locations.

An enhanced basket design with sturdy clamp rings delivers solid performance from the drivers, which are chosen specifically for their sound. The curved and tapered cabinet increases both stiffness and improves HF dispersion for a more natural top end. Cabinet construction is of 19mm thick multi-layer materials, with proprietary heavy poured resin. The dual bass drivers use 160mm long-throw composite designs and the cabinet vents through a dual rear port. This configuration delivers smooth bass and very low mid-range coloration. The tweeter is a 25mm aluminum-dome, silver-wire design.

Each speaker incorporates an electronics panel in the rear part of the cabinet. The speaker accepts digital signals and has two inputs, placed at the base of the cabinet for neatness and ease of installation. The electronic design of the DSP5200 is new, and takes advantage of the latest advances in component design as well as techniques and approaches employed on the DSP8000.

The latest surface-mount components add control and improve linearity, while the advance high-value capacitors allow the power supply and its low-field toroidal transformer to be placed closer to power amplifiers, offering lower inductance and improved power performance.

The input receiver uses a FIFO (first in first out) memory buffer for the lowest possible jitter from almost any source. At the heart of the 5200 is a new DSP system based around a 150MIPS processor, running brand new software. A built-in circuit monitoring system handles both thermal and bass protection.

The DSP5200 uses 192kHz, 24-bit DACs. The three 75W amplifiers are based off of the DSP9000, with the newest error-correcting auto-biasing technology.

The DSP5200 is available in black or silver high gloss lacquer, satin Santos rosewood, natural satin maple and black ash finishes. It is expected to begin shipping in December 2004, and have a retail price of $10,995.

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