Richard Gray's Power Company Launches New RGPC 1200 at CBS Studio Center 
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Tuesday, 01 August 2000

Without question, the Richard Gray's Power Company AC Un-Conditioner is currently the most controversial product in high-end audio. Now Richard Gray launches his first home theater AC product, the $2,000 RGPC 1200, at CBS Studio Center in Studio City, California.

The new Richard Gray Un-Conditioner will begin shipping September 1, 2000, and is customized for rack-mounting, complete with 12 Hubbell 20-amp receptacles. The first Richard Gray's Power Company units are physically more suited for audio systems based on their upright configuration and four receptacles.

The launch of the new Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 1200 was part of a tremendous music system demonstration assembled at CBS to illustrate to the studio executives and mixing engineers how resolute music, movie and TV soundtracks can sound. According to Jeffrey Allen, one of the room’s designers, "The response has been tremendous. These guys are amazed at the ‘realness’ of this room. If they hear it better, they'll start mixing better."

The reference system included, but was far from limited to, the following equipment:
- Jeff Rowland amplifiers and preamps throughout
- CEC L2 CD Transport with Audio Logic Model 34 outboard DAC
- Classe' SSP25 Surround Processor for multi-channel sources
- Wisdom Audio Ribbon Speaker System using flat panel ribbon speakers mounted to the walls for side and rear channels, plus two Wisdom Audio Dynamic Subs
- at least 10 Richard Gray Power Company Un-Conditioners

For more information on Richard Gray's Power Company contact Dick McCarthy at (800) 880-3474.

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