Escient Announces “Quikfire” Music Loading Service in Partnership With Get Digital 
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Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Escient recently announced that it has teamed with Get Digital, a provider of CD ripping and high quality data tagging services, to provide retailers who sell Escient FireBall music management systems with a quick and efficient way to upload their clients’ CD collections into a FireBall system’s music library. The new QuickFire Music Loading Service combines CD ripping, encoding and FireBall loading with album and artist information provided by Get Digital’s DataFix process. The service also provides users with extras such as a three-ring bound color catalog of their CD collection and MP3 library backup on DVD-R’s.

How QuickFire CD Loading Service Works
All dealers and installers of Escient FireBall systems will be offered the opportunity to participate in the QuickFire Music Loading Service program. There are multiple dealer options with QuikFire. Most often, when a FireBall purchaser decides to take advantage of the service, the dealer or installer sends the client’s CD collection to the Escient QuikFire Encoding Center (using the customized, fully insured and pre-paid shipping containers provided). The Client’s CD library is loaded into the FireBall in MP3 format (320k, 192k, 160k, 128k) or in FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) format. The FireBall system and CD collection is then shipped back to the dealer, ready for use.

As part of the service, all of the client’s MP3’s are permanently archived on DVD-R discs and returned in a color printed music catalog containing Artist, Title, Track and Cover Art of the clients library. In addition, all CDs are insured, visually inspected, and cleaned if needed. A log of all damaged discs is returned with the client’s CDs. There are two levels of QuickFire service available. Standard QuikFire Service includes a 5-day library encode with all ground transportation, insurance and materials. Platinum QuikFire Service enhances Standard Service by offering 2-day library encode and complete next day air shipping. Both service offerings are available starting at 200 discs with pricing in 100 disc increments.

Escient FireBall Music Servers
Escient’s line of FireBall digital music managers are entertainment products that manage users’ entire music collection and seamlessly integrate into both their existing home theater system as well as the local area network (LAN). FireBall Music Management Systems can handle huge collections of digital music files stored on the internal hard drive, as well as over 1200 CDs (stored in up to three mega-changers controlled by the FireBall) – all through an onscreen interface. The FireBall series also features built-in CD/CD-RW allowing users to rip CDs directly to the internal hard drive as well as create customized CDs.

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