Day Sequerra Announces HD Broadcast Reference Tuner 
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Friday, 03 December 2004

Day Sequerra will begin production of the first of three models of its HD Broadcast Reference tuner in December. This tuner will begin shipping shortly after the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2005.

This is the first new design from Day Sequerra, which also produced an FM Reference tuner. The HD Broadcast Reference is a modular design that can simultaneously receive and distribute up to 10 different audio and video signal sources including HDTV, digital HD Radio AM and FM broadcasts, legacy analog FM broadcasts and analog AM and TV. Future broadcast modules are planned to include satellite radio as well as streaming Internet audio.

Three different models, each with separate display options, will be available – the M1’s VFD (vacuum florescent display) provides station, channel, RDS (where applicable) center channel tuning, signal strength and RF multipath indications. Broadcast quality peak and hold 32-segment LED meters in the M2 indicates RF carrier modulation percent and audio modulation in dB; the M2 also uses the VFD from the M1. The M2 design includes optional broadcast alarm outputs for over-modulation, loss of audio and loss of carrier. The M3 uses a CRT for oscilloscope indications of center tuning, signal strength and RF multipath as well as audio phase and gain. The Day Sequerra Panalyzer is also an option in M3.

Other features of these tuners include individual module outputs for multi-zone AV distribution with surround sound, S-Video, DVI and RGB video outputs (for HDTV and TV sources) and an UltraAudio HD time-aligned audio output module that provides dynamic audio from every broadcast source, according to Day Sequerra. IR remote control is standard while TCP/IP, RS-232 and USB control are optional.

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