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Wednesday, 26 July 2000

DVD Audio takes another leap forward as Technics has just announced the release of the first DVD-Audio/Video player, the DVD-A10. Using a sampling frequency of 192kHz for two-channel playback, the DVD-Audio player has a frequency response of 96kHz. Refined by Matsushita, the new Digital-to-Analog converter, based on Technics’ MASH technology in the DVD-A10 allows the player to achieve 24-bit quantization. This DAC is combined with a Digital Re-Master Processing circuit that dithers the audio signal to increase the frequency response and dynamic range of conventional CDs.

Housed in a sleek champagne gold casing and a special vibration-damping base the DVD-A10 also incorporates a system called Advanced Virtual Battery Operation. This feature uses a capacitor to supply charged power to the audio reproduction circuitry acting like a filter to eliminate power supply noise for more faithful reproduction of audio signals. In addition, the DVD-A10 uses a rounded R-Core transformer to minimize leakage flux and noise, replacing conventional transformers that have rounded corners and uneven flux patterns. TA-KE II electrolytic capacitors are used throughout the unit for increased mid-high frequency response with lower distortion. The also DVD-A10 incorporates Dolby Digital and DTS decoders and uses linear PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) for all channels allowing the potential to simulate radically different sound spaces.

The DVD-A10 retails for $1,199.95.

Technics will release additional DVD-Audio products in the coming month. will bring you information on these products as they are released.

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