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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Thursday, 16 December 2004

According to reports on the Internet and releases from a number of high-performance audio companies, the recently released DualDisc software titles are causing problems. The brands that reportedly have troubles with DualDisc are a who’s who of high-end DVD players, including Sony (Europe), Marantz, Mark Levinson, Proceed and Lexicon.

DualDisc is the latest version of the high-resolution audio disc that joins a CD and a DVD into a single disc product. DualDisc is supposed to bridge the very outdated compact disc with any new HDTV capable disc’s launch, such as BluRay or HD-DVD. Great effort and testing went into DualDisc before its launch, with most of the problems being found in the packaging. The fear with DualDisc was that, with its added physical thickness, it would get stuck in car in-dash CD players. Now it seems there is a problem with a handful of the most expensive players, which high-performance audio enthusiasts are most likely to own. In some cases with Lexicon, Proceed and Mark Levinson, any damage caused from a DualDisc could void the player’s warranty. This is a price many audio enthusiasts will likely not pay.

Critics argue that DualDisc is a foolish format, considering the technological problems and the incremental cost increase for creating a “two-disc” CD/DVD offering. DualDisc’s DVD side is a DVD 5 disc, meaning it has less room for audio and video goodies like 24-96 stereo tracks, video clips and more. A CD and DVD in the same package would allow CD backwards compatibility, along with all of the amazing added value and performance oriented goodies such as 5.1 MLP surround, DTS 24-96 stereo, video clips and more. A two-disc solution is also easier to create for major and indie labels, because the pressing plants can make vast quantities of both DVD 9 discs, which accommodate more material than DVD 5s, and CDs while indie labels are complaining that they can’t get access to make DualDiscs.

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