New Meridian G Series Processor Designed For Simpler Installations 
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Monday, 14 March 2005

Designed for the smaller, simpler installation, the new G68J from British home theater/audio manufacturer Meridian has been introduced in hopes of reaching a wider audience with a significantly lowered cost.

The G68J leaves out items that are required only in more sophisticated, multi-room systems, such as the multi-zone capability. In addition, the G68J does not handle video signals, leaving these to other components. In a typical system, coupling Meridian’s popular and award-winning G98 DVD-Audio/Video player to the G68J allows the G98’s extensive video inputs and on-board scaling to multiple outputs – including HDMI – to be used to supply video from all sources via a single cable to the display, other video inputs being scaled to match the display characteristics and switched in the player. The G68J also does not include a tuner.

The G68 Surround Controller is a unique and modular THX Ultra2 digital-and-analog A/V surround preamp-processor. It provides a variety of multichannel inputs including two 6-channel digital inputs, thus accepting Meridian MHR Smart Link signals from compatible Meridian disc players. By upsampling these signals, the G68 offers a significant improvement in sound quality from movie and multichannel music recordings, according to Meridian. Several stereo digital and analog inputs are also present for audio and AV sources, and balanced-out analog options are available.

In addition, the G68s proprietary Meridian DSP room-correction system counteracts room resonances for quality real-world sound, eliminating “muddiness” and improving stereo and surround imaging. Meridian’s DSP experience is reflected in the G68’s DSP engine, a 5-processor configuration capable of 750 MIPS of calculating power. This is used in a large range of stereo and surround processing including THX, Dolby Digital, and DTS modes, plus Ambisonics, MPEG, and Meridian’s Trifield family of music-surround environments.

The release of the G68J brings the total number of G68 variants to five. The G68D version also does not include video I/O, but provides 10 configurable digital and two analog outputs, AM/FM RDS/RDBS tuner and multi-zone/copy audio capability. The G68ADV version includes the tuner, 10 channels of digital out with MHR along with 8 channels of analog output, full video switching with two S-Video outs, four S-Video ins, two composite outs and four in, plus component out and three component inputs. The included multi-zone feature also has composite and S-Video capability. The G68AXV replaces the audio outputs described above with six unbalanced and four balanced analog outputs, while the G68XXV instead provides eight balanced analog outputs on XLR connectors. The G68J is essentially a G68ADV, but without the tuner, multi-zone capability and video switching.

The G68J is available now, with a US recommended retail price of $6,500.

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