Samsung’s SlimFit 30” CRT HDTV Less Than 16” Deep 
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Thursday, 24 February 2005

Samsung is launching the groundbreaking SlimFit TV featuring Samsung's new space-saving CRP (Cathode Ray Panel) technology. The new TXR3079WH is a 30" widescreen, integrated HDTV that measures less than 16" from front to back, whereas typical CRT sets on the market today average more than 24" in depth.

In addition to the ultra-trim profile, the SlimFit TV's CRP Flat Picture Tube enables the improved brightness, contrast and more natural color associated with CRT technology. With the debut of the TXR3079WH, Samsung is creating a new category in the flat TV market - one that represents a compromise between affordable price and coveted form factor.

While consumers embrace the idea of slimmer televisions such as flat-panel TVs, the hefty price on larger screen sizes has so far been an obstacle for mainstream acceptance. As a result, the affordability and outstanding picture-quality found on traditional CRT TVs has helped sustain demand for that TV category. In fact, while the demand for flat-panel TVs has recently risen, chipping slowly at CRT market share, the Consumer Electronics Association estimates there is still more than a 20 million-unit market for picture tube televisions. The research and development team at Samsung has kept these consumers in mind, keeping the TXR3079WH priced at slightly above traditional HD tube sets.

The new SlimFit HDTV’s nano-pigment screen design enables a 5000:1 contrast ratio, color reproduction that measures in at 100%, and an 800-candela brightness.

Another benefit of the TXR3079W is its built-in HDTV tuner, which works with an antenna to receive free, over-the-air broadcasts of HDTV. It has the ability to accept digital signals from both 720p and 1080i sources, displaying them in 1080i and delivers a progressive scan picture from any analog source. It comes with a Dolby Digital Dynamic Sound System that includes a 20-watt stereo with a multi band adjustable equalizer to complement the experience.

For film enthusiasts, the TXR3079W also incorporates progressive scan DVD (480p) compatibility and Samsung's 3:2 Pull Down process that corrects the flaws inherent in film to video transfers. Samsung's Digital Natural Image Engine (DNIe) picture enhancement technology is also included to provide even better contrast, motion, detail and color. The TX-R3079W is scheduled to launch in June 2005 at an MSRP of $1,199.

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