Screen Research Introduces New Screen Sizes Up to 22.5 Wide 
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Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Screen Research has announced hundreds of new products that are currently available through their North American distributor, StJohn Group. The company has also lowered pricing on dozens of existing models.

Lower Pricing
Due to sales growth worldwide in 2004, the company was able to achieve savings in manufacturing costs, enabling it to reduce prices on most of its fixed frame models, which began in January. Screens in the 16:9 format in standard frame versions now start at $2,075 MSRP.

New Sizes
Screen Research has also made its best selling fabric (ClearPix 2 - Unity Gain White) available in larger sizes than ever before. Previously, screen width sizes have been limited, due to the width of the loom on which the fabric screens are manufactured. New manufacturing capability has resulted in screens that can now effectively be made more than 10 feet high. This translates to 16:9 format screens that can now be as wide as 17.2 feet and 2.35:1 format screens that can now be as wide as 22.5 feet.

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