Linn’s New Loudspeaker Systems – The ARTIKULAT and KOMPONENT 
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Thursday, 03 February 2005

Previewed at CES 2005, ARTIKULAT is one of two new Linn loudspeaker systems. The ARTIKULAT system consists of four sonically and aesthetically matched loudspeakers incorporating the latest Linn technologies including AKTIV servo bass, the 3-K Driver Array and the new Linn CHAKRA high-efficiency power amplification.

The ARTIKULAT loudspeaker system contains three models available in either AKTIV-bass or fully integrated AKTIV guise. The ARTIKULAT 350A floor-standing loudspeaker, ARTIKULAT 320A compact loudspeaker and the ARTIKULAT 340A center-channel loudspeaker are powered and fully AKTIV versions. The ARTIKULAT 350, ARTIKULAT 320 and the ARTIKULAT 340 center-channel loudspeaker variants all feature AKTIV bass with passive crossovers for the upper-bass, mid-range and high-frequency drive units. A dedicated AKTIV, servo-driven bass reinforcement loudspeaker, the ARTIKULAT 345, completes the line.

Linn’s second new loudspeaker system is the KOMPONENT. This multi-channel system uses Linn loudspeaker technology and style in a discrete design. The KOMPONENT system comprises of four versatile models: the KOMPONENT 110 floorstanding loudspeaker, the KOMPONENT 104 compact loudspeaker, the KOMPONENT 106 ‘Left/Center/Right’ loudspeaker and the KOMPONENT 120 powered bass reinforcement loudspeaker.

All KOMPONENT loudspeakers feature the Linn 2-K Driver Array for full range performance; an evolution of the driver array technology found in Linn’s AKURATE, ARTIKULAT and the KOMRI loudspeaker systems.

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