Sennheiser Unveils Two New Headphones Under $100 
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Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Two new home-listening headphone models from Sennheiser have been introduced - the HD 465 and HD 485 models, both over-the-ear Open-Air headphones with price tags under $100.

The HD 465 and HD 485 both employ a new evolution of Sennheiser’s dynamic driver design. Using high-current aluminum voice-coils, their range of performance is 16-24,000 Hz for the HD 485 and 18-21,500Hz from the HD 465. The headphones can also be differentiated by the headphone-holder supplied with the HD 485. The headphone holder can be attached to a table or shelf, or almost any horizontal or vertical surface, which gives the HD 485s a “home” when not in use.

The HD 465 and HD 485 combine a lightweight design (just 220 grams), ergonomic headband geometry, and large, ultra-soft earpads crafted from high-grade materials to provide comfort for extended listening sessions. Consumers will get detachable (and replaceable), snarl-resistant single-sided cords as well as Sennheiser’s unique two-year warranty with both models.

The HD 465 and HD 485 will be available March 2005, at Sennheiser’s suggested retail prices of $79.95 and $99.95, respectively.

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