Screen Research Introduces Complete Line Of Solid Vinyl Projection Screens 
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Friday, 22 December 2006

Screen Research, maker of acoustically transparent, acoustically neutral projection screens for the home and commercial markets, has announced a complete new range of solid, vinyl projection screens called SolidPix&Mac250;. SolidPix screens are available now in standard screen widths up to 200" (viewable area) and in every configuration (except LeWing) now currently available in ClearPix models: Fixed screens, XMask&Mac250; and CMask&Mac250; masking systems for fixed screens, Motorized screens (with or without masking), On-Ceiling (with or without masking), In-Ceiling Trap Door, In-Ceiling Slot version, and TheaterCurve&Mac250; screens (with or without masking), including a Screen Research exclusive, the world's only 4-Way TheaterCurve XMask screen. MSRP prices begin at $635 for a fixed J-frame integrator model.

All the motorized versions use a tab-tensioning system to provide a perfectly flat surface according to Screen Research. Yves Trelohan, Founder and CEO for Screen Research stated, "Like all the Screen Research fabrics, SolidPix&Mac250; is a neutral surface - matte white - with a gain of 1.0, in order to get the most "cinema like" picture, and to provide any viewer in a home theater with the same picture quality. We think that getting an excellent off-axis performance in gain and in color balance is as important as the on-axis picture quality. None of our products suffers from any "hotspotting," or off-axis brightness loss on the opposite side of the screen. "This new range is a bold step in our strategy to offer one of the most exciting ranges of projection screens for 'no-compromise' home theater applications."

As with all the screen fabrics from Screen Research, this product has been designed to be the "State of the Art" of the solid screens available in the market. The research and development of the screen surface was conducted to reach the high standards of video quality required by the Imaging Science Foundation. John Caldwell, Sales Director for St. John Group, the North American distributor for the company, said, "Based on our service track record and ability to manage the rapid growth of the Screen Research brand, we feel confident in bringing SolidPix to the market at this time. SolidPix enables us not only to become a full line screen supplier, but also to become one that better meets the specialty AV dealer's agenda of managed distribution, top shelf service, higher margins and highly differentiated, problem-solving products."

Being world renowned for acoustically transparent (AT) screen technology, it may seem odd to some that Screen Research is offering solid, vinyl screens. Caldwell explained, "Screen Research has 'planted its flag on the mountaintop' with AT, because you flat-out get a more realistic cinema experience when the sound comes from behind the screen. "But we know that if budget is an issue, or if you don't need - or can't use - an AT screen for some reason, a vinyl screen might be the answer. "We feel that traditional screen suppliers have their priorities backwards. Acoustically Transparent (AT) screens should be their best screens. But they are not. They are an afterthought. To Screen Research, ClearPix is the reference. SolidPix is a line to start a client on the path to ClearPix."

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