Bel Canto Introduces Dac3 Audio Digital to Analog Converter 
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Tuesday, 21 November 2006

USA audio manufacturer, Bel Canto Design, has just announced the release of the new Dac3 digital to analog converter. According to Bel Canto the Dac3 allows the user to access any digital music source and hear it reproduced with the highest levels of fidelity. This includes computer based music sources through the USB port or using wireless digital links like the Apples Airport Express. The Dac3 allows a new generation of iTunes users access to true HD sound quality. Key to this HD sound quality is the new Ultra-Clock[TM] technology used in the Dac3.

Fundamental to its performance is the new Ultra-Clock, low noise reference clock. The Ultra-Clock performance is comparable to the best stand-alone clock generators. Bel Canto claims remarkable specifications are achieved with 0.0001% initial accuracy, 1 picosecond RMS and 5 picosecond peak-peak jitter, 100 times lower than typical master clocks. The Ultra-Clock offers the type of low-noise clock performance only available in expensive stand-alone master clock products.

Jitter rejection circuitry, combining analog and digital Phase Lock Loops, and synchronous 24/192 sample rate conversion with 170dB of digital dynamic range insure that the DAC circuitry benefits from the Ultra-Clock performance. Dual Differential multi-bit delta-sigma DAC technology and class A biased, balanced I/V and output circuitry achieve nearly 130dB of dynamic range. This dynamic range and 4.5Vrms balanced output allows the use of a digital volume control, eliminating the analog preamplifier and volume control from the signal path. This provides the most direct signal path possible for digital music sources.

5 isolated digital inputs are provided, AES/EBU, BNC-SPDIF, RCA-SPDIF, TOSLINKand USB. The MSRP for the Dac3 is $2495.00.

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