Many Blu-ray Players Delayed…Again…And Again 
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Monday, 06 November 2006

If you are planning on upgrading your home theater this Christmas as a treat to yourself with the latest in Blu-ray High Definition technology, your are going to be limited.

Sony announced just recently the delay in the release of their Blu-ray player until mid-late December. Reason for this most recent in a long string of delays was not provided. However, one can most likely assume that the shortage of Blue Lasers that is plaguing the upcoming release of the Playstation 3 system is also the cause of the Sony Blu-ray player dilemma.

Sony is not alone. Pioneer has also chimed in by announcing the delay in their Blu-ray player until sometime in December. Once again the blue laser shortage can be held mostly responsible for this delay as well. Pioneer has a bigger obstacle to overcome when their player debuts with a price tag at a whopping $1,500.

So, if you are not deterred from Blu-ray at this point, and still want your home theater Christmas present, here are some of your options. Option 1 is to purchase the Samsung Blu-ray Player for roughly $900 at online retailers, still $1,000 in retail stores. Although, the holidays do bring wonderful sales on electronic gear so keep an eye open. This option will bring you a player will slow load times (well apparently much faster if you get the firmware update installed properly), no RS-232 port, and a lightweight, filmsy construction feeling.

Option 2 is to purchase the Panasonic Blu-ray Player. Most may opt out of this option as the player carries a higher price of $1,300. And for the $300 more than the Samsung, there is no more stability or additional features as determined by early reports.

And finally your last option, well not really an option unless you live in the United Kingdom, is to get your hands on LG’s new Blu-ray Player. Yes that is right, LG has a Blu-ray player. Although only available in the UK at the present time, we hope that it will make its way over to the USA. The more the merrier this holiday season.

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