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Monday, 30 October 2006

dnp, a specialist in the design and manufacture of projection screens for the Home Theater and commercial markets, has showcased the Supernova Flex Optical Front Screen.

A world leading supplier of optical screen technology, dnp denmark, has changed how we view front projected images with the Supernova screen. Its successor, the Supernova Flex is an electronic retractable screen that can be silently stowed away in a stylish wall mounted enclosure when not in use.

Winning the Innovations 2006 Engineering and Design Award and the Best Buzz Award at InfoComm 2005 and 2006, the Supernova screen enables projected images to be seen clearly and vividly, maintaining color saturation and fine details even in high ambient light conditions. It is capable of delivering an image that’s twice as bright and with contrast that’s ten times greater than most screens.

“The Supernova is a front screen application of our extensive optical technologies”, says Henrik Mikkelsen, dnp Sales Manager for North America. “It has opened up vast new opportunities for display solutions in brightly-lit home theater environments. With the new Supernova Flex we can easily fit into any environment without becoming the focal point of that space.”

Combining the best of both worlds the dnp Supernova screen provides the superior image quality of optical rear projection with front screens' minimal space requirements and ease of installation. Traditionally associated with dark rooms, curtains and window blinds, the standard front screen often results in eyestrain and audience fatigue. However, the Supernova screen sets new standards for front screens with maximum effect in high ambient light conditions common to modern homes.

The new screen features a newly developed brushless DC motor. The motor has built-in acceleration/deceleration profiles for fast, smooth, and silent positioning – the fastest among motorized screens–providing smooth and low noise operation. The screen’s enclosure is made from high-grade anodized aluminum to ensure a low weight and a sleek design that is a stylish compliment to any décor.

When the screen drops down it appears as a picture frame without the usual ‘black drop’ common to other screens. The screen is suspended by a pair of 1/48-inch cables, which are virtually invisible. Even when in use the Supernova will be unobtrusive and blend into the environment.

The cover of the enclosure is removable and replaceable. It will be offered in a variety of options including a special stainable surface, which can be painted to match the wall for a totally invisible installation.

The screen contains a small microprocessor and offers several installation options for seamless integration into automated home theater systems. There is a 12V trigger and an IR (infrared) plus optional modules for RS-232, Ethernet and WiFi connections.

The Supernova screen incorporates advanced brightness and contrast enhancing technology. When the image is projected onto the screen it passes through an optical lens system, which focuses and concentrates the projected light before it is reflected back towards the viewers. The lens system comprises a patented contrast enhancement filter that absorbs incident light from windows and room lighting. As a result, the screen is highly resistant to ambient light.

The Supernova screen provides a typical contrast ratio of 20:1 – in other words ten times higher than the typical front screens contrast levels. The black coating on the contrast filter covers 60 percent of the screen surface, giving the screen a sleek and extraordinary appearance in repose. With a peak gain of 2.0 the screen is twice as bright as a standard front screen.

The screen is available in sizes up to 150-inches in three screen formats – 1.33:1 (4:3), 1.78:1 (16:9) and 2.35:1 Cinemascope. It is compatible with all standard projectors, however, to maximize the effect of the optical high-contrast filter, dnp recommends projectors with a minimum throw of 1.8:1.

The Supernova Flex Screen is currently available through authorized dnp dealers.

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