Linn Unveils New High Performance Custom Loudspeaker Series 
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Tuesday, 19 September 2006

The CUSTOM 2K series is Linn’s highest performing custom loudspeaker to date and represents a range of high performance and easy-to-install loudspeakers for in-wall and in-ceiling applications. The range comprises three variants:

106C - a 3-way rectangular in-wall/ceiling loudspeaker with ABR for enhanced bass performance
104C-R - a 3-way round in-wall/ceiling loudspeaker
104C-S - a 3-way square in-wall/ceiling loudspeaker

Featuring Linn’s 2K driver array technology, the CUSTOM 2K provides a large sweetspot area, thereby delivering high level performance to a larger area of the room. This increased sweetspot and flexibility of positioning make it ideal in custom installation applications. All models in the range incorporate an optimised acoustic enclosure to ensure consistent performance regardless of the wall or ceiling type. A fire retardant metal backbox is available for each speaker, for applications where this is required to comply with building regulations.

All variants in the range benefit from a new simple installation mechanism that makes the CUSTOM 2K series quick and easy to install, thus reducing the installer’s time on site. The consistently high level of performance and modularity across the range combined with the flexibility of positioning as well as the ease of installation makes the CUSTOM 2K series an attractive proposition to the performance focused custom integration specialist.

The CUSTOM 2K acoustically complements Linn's KOMPONENT loudspeaker system, which incorporates the same 2K driver array, and so can be mixed and matched in installations where space is limited. Retrofittable with Linn’s SEKRIT and DISKREET custom loudspeakers, CUSTOM 2K also presents an excellent opportunity for custom installation specialists to revisit already completed installations and upgrade customers to the improved audio performance of the new CUSTOM 2K.

The CUSTOM 2K series has been designed to fit discreetly and easily into the customer’s home, sitting flush with wall or ceiling, and with grilles which can be painted. All that will fill the customer’s home is high quality sound.

The CUSTOM 2K series is on display and demonstration at CEDIA EXPO and will be available from early 2007.

Source: Press Release

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