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Tuesday, 01 August 2006

Last year, a company called HANNspree altered people’s expectations about what TV was supposed to look like with its unique high-performance “design-centric” small screen sets. This fall, the company is taking it up a notch, offering a line of advanced large-screen flat-panel models that feature the same unflinching attention to detail, to design, and style as their smaller predecessors. The company’s new large screen sets give owners the opportunity to enjoy unprecedented elegance, style and cosmetic design. In other words, you can say goodbye to the traditional black box. Packed with the latest performance and convenience features, HANNspree’s new large-panel TVs are the perfect solution for today’s style-conscious and tech-savvy consumers.

HANNSlounge Series: Feature distinctive wood-grain enclosures and museum-quality two-pronged metal stands. Available in 26-inch (MSRP $1,199), 32-inch (MSRP $1,499), and 37-inch (MSRP $1899) models. (Available Fall 2006)

32-inch HANNSvibe (MSRP $1,299): Distinguished by its detachable bottom speakers, the new HANNSvibe 32-inch HDTV set features a super-slim profile that includes a slightly raised back and easily accessible front-panel, with a full complement of side audio/video inputs. (Available Fall 2006)

32-inch HANNSwing (MSRP $1,299): With its jet-black front framed on both sides by rich chrome metal stripes, the HANNSwings seems poised for take-off to another galaxy. Side A/V inputs add to the set&Mac226;s flexibility, and a center stand holds the elegant set aloft. (Available Fall 2006)

37-inch HANNSnara (MSRP $1,699): With its super-wide (178-178-degree) viewing angle, the HANNSnara features side speakers that run the length of the set, with a retro-style design that make sit ideal for placement in any den or living room. (Available Fall 2006)

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