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Canton GLE 409 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 April 2009
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Canton GLE 409
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Set Up

The Canton 409’s were the main speakers highlighted in one of the smaller showrooms located at Premiere Home Entertainment and they were attached to a Rotel RSX-1550 5-channel a/v receiver, along with a Furman Elite 15 power conditioner, a Marantz BD8002 Blu-Ray player and a Marantz VC 6001 DVD changer. This room was built to showcase home theater surround sound while watching high-definition movies being shown on the attached 102-inch Stewart movie screen with the attached Marantz DVD player. A Velodyne DLS-3750 R was used as the main subwoofer for this speaker configuration and a Canton GLE-455 CM was used as the center channel. Kimber cable was used throughout this audio configuration and the room itself was about 12 feet wide and 15 feet long, with insulated curtains hanging over the sliding-glass entrance door, insuring that I would be able to experience full surround sound in the best possible way, without any loss of high-end audio due to harsh sound conditions in the showroom.

The Canton 409’s were positioned about four feet away from the back wall that held the movie screen, and they were sitting at a 75-degree angle around 6 feet away from where I was sitting. The center channel was placed in the middle of the audio configuration, about 5 inches off the ground, sitting on a speaker base in front of the RSX-1550 a/v receiver. There were also two small Velodyne surround speakers placed on both sidewalls of the showroom.

The main audio/video source of the movie clips I would be watching were coming from the attached Marantz VC 6001 DVD changer, which is the crowning jewel of Marantz’s line of DVD players. Since it was very important for me to determine what the 409’s sounded like when they were used primarily as the main speaker centerpiece for a home theatre, the VC 6001 was the perfect DVD player for the job. This player features the ability to decode Dolby Prologic II as well as DTS surround sound and the player drives 24-bit audio to any a/v receiver it is connected to, so I knew that this audio system configuration would really highlight the 409’s capabilities.

For maximum low-end impact, the Velodyne DLS-3750 R is a competent subwoofer for smaller to medium-sized rooms and the unit’s 10” forward firing driver brings this low-priced subwoofer ($300) up to the levels of higher-end bass components. The DLS-3750 features four presets on its remote control that consists of movie surround mode, game mode, rock music and jazz/classical sound modes.  Along with the Velodyne subwoofer, the Canton GLE 455 center channel speaker was also an integral component in rounding out the total home theater surround sound experience. The Canton 455’s contain a 2 ½-way closed system for accurate sound dispersion and a dynamic power range of 140 watts.  

Music and Movies

The first part of the demonstration began with a bang as the first movie clip from the compilation DVD featured an exciting action scene from the movie “The Transporter 2” (Europa Corp 2005). This sequence included action star Jason Statham driving his black Audi A8 sedan through a parking garage under hot pursuit by a gang of street thugs, and the Canton 409’s did a great job of replicating the sound effects of Statham’s car smashing into the thug’s cars while narrowly escaping hitting the parking garage’s many concrete pillars situated all over the parking garage’s multi-levels. The gunfire effects while the car chase was ensuing blared out at me with a sound clarity that made it sound as if the action sequence was right outside the showroom’s doors. When Statham finally gets out of his now-damaged Audi, the street thugs surrounded him, knives and guns drawn. Statham took out his foes one by one, and as his feet connected with the bare bones of his enemies, the 409’s really brought out the clear sounds of the crunching impact associated with Statham’s ability to bring his victims to their knees with his glancing blows.

Even when a thug draws out his knife and flips it around, the 409’s helped to accentuate the sound the blade made as it was sent flying through the air after Statham kicks it out of the hoodlum’s hand. Another man came after Statham with a crowbar and I could easily hear the hard metal of the crowbar clang hard against the concrete floor of the garage as Statham sends the man into the air after grabbing him by the shoulders and flipping him backwards over his head. The scene ends with all of his foes laying on the floor, writing in agony as Statham gets back into his Audi and rushes out of the garage into the daylight, looking for the kidnapped victim of the man he is working for. The movie’s soundtrack then hit into full swing as the 409’s sent crystal-clear midrange audio to fill the showroom with full orchestration of violins, timpani and a driving percussion to accompany Statham’s determined desire to run down and incapacitate all of his main enemies that stood in his way.

Looking to see what the Canton 409’s could bring to a rock soundstage, the next clip up was from the well-known classic rock group the Eagles and their “Farewell 1 Tour- Live from Melbourne” (Rhino/WEA 2005) DVD. After stating for years that they would never get back together because of inner turmoil between band members, the Eagles finally reunited for a huge world tour in 2003-2004, and the next clip I would be seeing came from this group as they performed “Life in the Fast Lane” in front of a huge Australian audience filled with die-hard Eagles fans. This clips begins as Joe Walsh, the group’s main lead guitar player, starts playing the central riff from this fast-paced song and the 409’s came alive as the high-end guitar sounds were projected throughout the showroom with an accurate precision that showed off the strength of the Canton 409’s 7-inch aluminum midrange drivers.


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