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NuVision NVU55FX5LS LED HDTV Review Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 January 2010
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NuVision NVU55FX5LS LED HDTV Review
Video Performance
Performance Cont. and Conclusion

Historically, traditional LCD televisions haven’t faired terribly well as gaming monitor due to response rates and motion, but most of those days are behind us now that technology has refined itself to become open to consoles.  NuVision’s 55” LED, however, doesn’t skip a beat when throttling forward with gaming – both in 720-1080p and in 480i/p. To test this, Sony’s Playstation 3 (reviewed here) was given a workout via HDMI, while Nintendo’s Wii console operated on a progressive-scan capable level with RGB component cables.  All consoles were operated with and without the motion-enhancing FFM and FX5 capabilities in use, as well as with the Game Mode toggled both on and off.  Mostly, all of the motion-enhancing features offer meek enhancement to the image, with only a few notably minor occurrences.  

Fallout 3Gaming on the Playstation 3 was, in a nutshell, stellar.  Hammering through Burnout Paradise offered a smooth and explosive experience, with the refresh rate offering a smooth driving experience that’s only a few steps away from appearing completely realistic.  Color gradation also gets worked out quite a bit in that title, and the splashes of color – all within a whirlwind of motion – looked great on the set.  On the flipside of things, the dark and grimy Fallout 3 offered more of a subtle yet densely textured experience with a few strategic explosions and motion-intensive runs.  Oddly, the FFM enhancements shows a bit of pleasing enhancement with the first-person content in Bethesda’s title, making billowing fire, explosions, and general running through the tunnels and such less jerky and crisp to the eye.  When it comes to aliasing, NuVision’s set does neither a good nor bad job – wearing a few jaggies on its sleeve that are acceptable but not terribly pleasing.  On a whole, from navigating through the PS3’s XMB and withstanding hours of gaming, it’s a satisfying large-scale HD gaming monitor.

480i/p gaming, however, wasn’t quite as readily appealing. Naturally, the lower-resolution games will appear far more pixilated and jagged in comparison, something that NuVision’s set obviously can’t avoid it.  It’s simply a bad mix – a large LCD television with lower-resolution graphics.  With that expected discrepancy out of the way, the NuVision set doesn’t exactly do the likes of the Wii console very much justice, presenting drab colors in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and pixilation aplenty during World of Goo.  Aliasing was prevalent everything, and the NuVision doesn’t do the content any favors.  Activating the FFM and Game Mode did make motion seem a bit smoother, but in all the experience is merely passable.

Nuvision Direct View
Positives: Outstanding Picture, Robust Black Levels, Crisp HD Colors, Rich with Inputs, Very Attractive

NuVision’s 55” NVU55FX5LS is, undoubtedly, an excellent flat-panel LED, one that’s impressive both as a 120 Hz-enhanced model and as a “standard” HD flat-panel piece of equipment.  It offers a beautiful picture in high-definition, one that carries an aptitude for contrast and robust black levels to fine degrees.  Colors absolutely pop from the screen, yet they’re controlled to a natural degree when they need to be.  As a Blu-ray cinema screening panel, it’s exquisite; handling both big-budget pictures and independent classics, the level of richness in its ability to replicate the home cinema impresses to incredible lengths.
Along the same lines, it works great with high-definition gaming consoles, expressing very admirable refresh rates and fine replication of motion.  Furthermore, it’s working with a healthy amount of inputs that’ll satisfy most with their variety, including 4 HDMI 1.3 ports and PC VGA/Audio ports to ensure that this will stand strong as the central item in a home theater. Finally, it does all this while carrying attractiveness about its chassis that helps it out as a pleasing addition to a living room or screening room.

Negatives: Price, A Few Missing Features, Mediocre SD Gaming, Passable Speakers

With current 55” Samsung, Toshiba, and LG models performing to healthy degrees at roughly half the cost, it becomes slightly more difficult to throw a vote clearly behind this athlete of a flat-panel screen.   Is the performance stellar?  Without a doubt.  The question you need to ask yourself is if the quality and aesthetic value outweighs the price difference of mass market models.  In that, it’s worth mentioning some of the middling negatives about the set, such as neglecting to include a SD Card input and a Toslink output (though, again, a coaxial jack is included with the mix for digital audio).  And, though it’s partially expected, standard-definition gaming isn’t really bolstered forward with this set’s capabilities.  Finally, the speakers aren’t really robust on their own.  But, again, these are secondary elements that partially steer away from the set’s central focus, which is handled proficiently.

Final Thoughts:

In short, you get what you pay for.  NuVision’s NVU55FX5LS 55” LED set offers an exquisite home theater experience, whether we’re acknowledging the enhanced 120 Hz technology or not.  Whether you’re a cinema fan, a TV enthusiast, or a high-definition gamer (preferably a combination of the three) this set will certainly satisfy those with sharp eyes and a knack for quality.  The television isn’t so much about what all it can do, since it’s not overwhelmingly elaborate with its mechanics, but more about what it does well.  And it performs extremely well -- which is a good thing, because the investment placed in the set isn’t something to scoff at.  Weigh the options heavily and take a look around at the other edge-lit LED televisions available, but know that there’s a clear and definite boost in quality when investing in NuVision’s splendid set.   

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