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Monster HTPS 7000 Home Theater Reference Power Source Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 November 2005
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Monster HTPS 7000 Home Theater Reference Power Source
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Amazingly, the HTPS7000 can remedy all the aforementioned problems using several technologies. First, Dual Balanced Pure Power transformers refine and match the incoming current, providing identical negative and positive phases. The result is a balancing of power that eliminates noise and hum from within your home theater system. Secondly, five Clean Power Stage 5 v2.0 filters provide further protection in your system from electromechanical and radio frequency interference. Each of the filters is specialized to perform unique filtering for a given class of components. There are two digital filters, a video filter, an analog audio filter and a high power filter. Each filter is matched to one or two pairs of outlets on the back of the unit. The exceptions are the digital outlets, which actually have two stages of dual digital filters for extra filtration.

Since AC power flows into and out of each component, any noise that the component adds to the power (remember, most components use solid state electronics) will result in noisy power for the next component downstream. Monster cleverly devised this device so that all the A/V components are now plugged into separate filters and outlets in the HTPS7000, allowing for continuously clean power. For example: noisy power from component A flows into the filter for component B and gets re-cleaned before entering into component B and so on. The result is that noise is not only eliminated from entering the home theater system, but from leaving the system as well.

The Monster Home Theater Reference PowerSource provides 12 AC outlets divided into pairs that are subdivided into four main classes of components, as mentioned previously. All of the outlet pairs except the high power ones have individual fuses for added protection. The analog and digital outlets have the same set/reset buttons like the ones you see in a bathroom, so if you drop you hair dryer in the tub, you do not become a crispy critter. That said, I would not recommend placing the HTPS7000 or the attached components next your bathtub unless you wish to become this year’s finalist for the Darwin Awards.

Using the menu buttons on the front of the HTPS7000, each pair of outlets can be set individually with one of three settings. In the “On” setting, the component that is connected to it will always have power, even when the HTPS is in standby mode. The “zero delay” setting will power up the connected component immediately when the HTPS is turned on. When the HTPS reverts back to standby mode, the attached components will power down. Lastly, the “1-60 delay” setting behaves like “zero delay,” except that when the HTPS powers on there is a variable delay (up to 60 seconds) before the component is powered up. The menu also allows for an alarm or an auto-shutdown to be activated when a blackout occurs.

In addition to the power outlets, there are connections for coaxial, phone lines and triggers. Three pairs of coaxial RF input/output lines are supplied for your CAT5 devices, such as cable TV, satellite and FM antenna. The coaxial connectors are run through both surge suppression circuits and a noise reduction filter. The RJ11 input/output line allows for surge suppression to protect your phone line. AC and DC triggers are handy for those of you wanting to power up the HTPS (and thus all your A/V components) when your preamp is powered on.

Placing the HTPS7000 into my existing home theater system was a snap. I just plugged the HTPS7000 into a wall outlet and then plugged all my coaxial RF lines, phone and components’ AC plugs into the back of the HTPS7000. Monster has designed the filters to work optimally with specific kinds of devices, so I took heed of their suggestions. I put the preamp into the analog audio filter and set the outlet to be always on. That way, the clock does not get reset on the preamp and when I power the preamp to on, it will use a 12V DC trigger to power up the HTPS7000. Once the HTPS7000 is powered up, the rest of my remaining A/V components are turned on (if they are not already on). The DVD player, DirecTV satellite receiver and XM radio receiver are all set on the digital filters. I set the DirecTV satellite receiver unit to be always on. Otherwise, I would have to wait 25 minutes every time I powered my system up to re-locate all my 999 channels. No thanks. The other two are set to power on when the HTPS7000 powers on (“zero delay”).

The subwoofer and amplifier reside on the high power outlets. Since each draws a significant amount of power, I wanted to give them both different delays so the A/V system would not get jolted (and all my lights dim) when they powered on. The amplifier was set for a seven second delay and the subwoofer for a 15-second delay. Lastly, my projector was plugged into the video filter and set to always on, since the projector needs to be in standby mode at all times in order for the fan to cool and lengthen the life of the bulb. Monster was kind enough to send me a HTUPS 500 battery backup system that I plugged in between the projector and the video filter outlet of the HTPS7000. My thinking here was that if a power failure were to occur while I was watching a program, the battery backup would give my projector enough time to run its fan before completely powering off. Most projector bulbs do not live long if they are not permitted time to properly cool down. Seeing that it is about $400 to replace the bulb, I would recommend this UPS for anyone with a projector video display.


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