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Cinemax Going 100 Percent HD on September 1st 2008
Home Box Office announced that beginning September 1, 2008, the Cinemax main channel will become the first and only 24 hour, seven day a week True HD (1080i) premium channel. In addition to Cinemax’s extensive library of hit movies and award-winning documentaries, 100% of the service’s on-air promos and short-form programming will be in True HD.

"As the #1 movie service, Cinemax subscribers have come to expect a picture of the highest quality" said Dave Baldwin, executive vice president, Program Planning, HBO & Cinemax. "We are thrilled to be the leader among premium channels in offering a 100% HD channel"

Upon its launch in September, Cinemax HD will offer an incredible variety of film entertainment in brilliant high-definition, including the pay-TV premieres of The Bourne Ultimatum, Rendition, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and The Darjeeling Limited as well as the blockbusters Rush Hour 3, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, Hairspray, Ocean’s Thirteen, Shrek The Third, Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, Knocked Up, Night at The Museum, 28 Weeks Later, Evan Almighty, Shoot’Em Up, William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, The Cable Guy, The Replacements, Predator and Time Code.

In the upcoming months, Cinemax HD will also premiere I Am Legend, Juno, Alien Vs. Predator-Requiem and In The Valley of Elah. Home Box Office was the first national cable network to offer HD feeds of its premium services, with HBO HDTV launching in 1999 and Cinemax HDTV launching in 2003. HBO now offers all 26 feeds of its HBO and Cinemax multiplex channels in true high-definition. Visit for the exclusive trailer announcing Cinemax’s availability in 100% True HD (1080i) beginning September 6, 2008.

Home Box Office, Inc. is the premium television programming subsidiary of Time Warner Inc., providing two 24-hour pay television services – HBO and Cinemax – to over 40 million U.S. subscribers. The services offer the most popular subscription video on demand products, HBO On Demand and Cinemax On Demand, as well as HBO on Broadband, HD feeds, and multiplex channels. Internationally, HBO’s branded television networks, along with the subscription video on demand products HBO On Demand and HBO Mobile, bring HBO services to over 50 countries. HBO programming is sold into over 150 countries worldwide.

The Kipnis Studios 08-26-2008 04:35 PM

Re: Cinemax Going 100 Percent HD on September 1st 2008
Well, it's about time.

Now what about Showtime (owned by CBS) going 100% HD? They have exclusive rights to distribute Paramount films and television programs.

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