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rex 08-01-2008 10:43 AM

Dish Network gets 1080p, more HD channels
"DISH Network Corporation today set the bar for the next-generation HD standard by becoming the first in the industry to offer high definition programming in 1080p, the highest and best HD resolution available. This new functionality is part of DISH Network's latest and unprecedented expansion in high definition services, which includes the rollout of TurboHD, the industry's first 100 percent, all-HD suite of programming packages. As previously announced, DISH Network will also launch 17 new national HD channels today, surpassing its goal of reaching 100 national HD channels five months ahead of schedule. DISH Network now offers up to 114 national HD channels and plans to expand that line-up to 150 channels by the end of 2008, made possible by the recent launch of Echo XI, the most powerful satellite in the company's fleet."

rex 08-16-2008 10:32 AM

I Am Legend in 1080p/24
Last night I watched "I Am Legend" in 1080p/24 on Dish.
Before the movie started the screen goes blank for about ten seconds while the receiver does a quick test of your display to make sure it can handle the 1080p signal. Although the video quality was quite good, the audio was clearly not as good as Blu-ray. Once you have been spoiled with lossless/uncompressed, regular DD just isn't the same. So, Blu-ray will remain my first choice for movies available on BD, then Dish HD would be my second choice, followed by regular DVDs.

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