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JerryDelColliano 01-31-2008 10:07 PM

The NHL in HD - its getting better on DirecTV
I am seeing MORE and MORE NHL games in HD which is nothing short of KILLER BUT my beloved Flyers are RARELY in HD.

I think its because Comcast doesn't want to lose their monopoly in the Philly market which they OWN. Problem is: they down-res the games for out of market fans like me.

Trust me - there is NOTHING worse than hockey in SD and likely nothing BETTER in HD than a good hockey game. Saw the Ducks/RedWings in HD a week ago and it was STUNNING ENTERTAINMENT. ANY non-hockey fan would fall in love with the game watching that much excitement looking THAT GOOD!!!!

JerryDelColliano 02-03-2008 10:33 AM

Re: The NHL in HD - its getting better on DirecTV
I got screwed again last night.

HD Net had the Flyers - Anahiem game but it was blacked out in LA (note: 50 plus miles from Anahiem and the game was being played in PHILLY!!!!!).

Fox Sports West 1 had basketball. Fox Sports West 2 had the Kings-Devils game.

The NHL Center Ice plan had the game in SD and a PSIP for the game in HD but it couldn't find the signal for the HD.

The NHL needs to get with DirecTV on this. Every other sport has their games in HD and there are more and more NHL games in HD but EVERY game needs to be in HD. SD looks like a fuzzy blur compared to SD.

The Flyers did kick ass however!!!!!

deacongreg 02-05-2008 06:37 PM

Re: The NHL in HD - its getting better on DirecTV
Sorry to hear about this Jerry. I know that must have upset you. But, you have got to give me my props now. SUPER BOWL CHAMPION NEW YORK GIANTS!! I know you love your Eagles, but I bet even they were rooting for us to beat Tom Brady and New England.

It looked great on the Pioneer Kuro 60 inch. Great!!

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