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TheMoose 11-13-2007 03:38 PM

What's in HD in your zip code?
Click link & see what's on HD in your area.

I'm sure most of us here know this info but it's a neat little site so I thought I'd share it.
It is a beta so it might not be 100% correct

m_a_simons 01-12-2008 09:38 PM

Re: What's in HD in your zip code?
well....just to gripe....
here on COX in san diego....while they recently added the food network, hgtv, and cnn....we still DON'T have....

sci fi channel....most useful non-mainline channel.

occasionally universal hd re-shows some items...but give me a break.

JerryDelColliano 01-13-2008 12:29 PM

Re: What's in HD in your zip code?
The fact is: there are more HD channels on the sat than on cable but the grief of changing out all of your hardware is a TOTAL pain in the butt. I still don't have all of my machines working yet for MPG4.

I am watching the Flyers - Caps game in HD on my little HD receiver which I was able to easily upgrade. the TiVos have been a much bigger issue for me.

Food Network HD is a good one!!!

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