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tigeraudio2007 10-03-2007 11:48 AM

Audio Technica LP to Digital Turntable
Audio Technica, who make excellent and reasonably priced mics, have an interesting new device, the AT-LP2DA. It is a turntable with a digital interface that connects to your computer allowing you to transfer the LPs to digital audio files.

Anybody have exerperience with this product? It might be interesting in order to preserve those super rare vinyls that were never released on CD. Anybody know what quality it puts out? I have transferred old albums via high-end turntables into a receiver with phono preamp and output to my computer and have had great sucessuful. I just wonder if the Audio Technica would be suitable to take the receiver preamp out of the loop. How good of an analog to digital converter in this puppy? Any insight folks?

deacongreg 10-04-2007 05:12 PM

Re: Audio Technica LP to Digital Turntable
Have not had any experience with this. But certainly a product that should be well received in the AV industry. Thanks for the heads up. Will look into it.

JerryDelColliano 10-27-2007 06:15 PM

Re: Audio Technica LP to Digital Turntable
This is a perfect Christmas gift for the Boomer who doesn't use his or her record collection anymore because they have an iPod running their music today.

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