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Wink Re: McIntosh Turntable

kenny T. Now I say this not because I own mcintosh gear, but just stating facts. One mcintosh gear has a long history on looks and proform the classic look has not change, thats one of the main plus about mc gear. so to say that the turntable is retro is just silly, they made it in the style of all their gear.
Two mc quality really is on or above par with anyone you can think of. That is why they have been in biz so long, and their products last as long as they do. Now im not saying they out preform everyone, or that all their products sound better. they do have a sound that is more focused on the midrange and lows then their highs. Thus only a select amount of people like. But I have a mcintosh mc2500 that is over 25 years old I am the org owner and this peice is still working like the day we opend it. not many products and bost such claims and back it up.
Plus mcintosh looks are classic and timeless, more work go into the glass plates then most companys put in their whole amps. So for you to classifly all mc's as ugly is just your opion and you should state it as that, not hockie retro gear as you state, its been the same since day one. thus why the turntable matches.

Now once again im not saying this because i own alot of mcintosh gear, I know other brands make better amps, Thus accuphase, hell I didnt even go with mc pre amps, i went with shindo, ( now they are the best) but just think before you say things about products that you are showing you know nothing about the history, thank you very much for your time and alowing me to share my point of view. Have a very nice day, and if you would like i can inform you on some retro hoockie grand integ onk gear that you have lol
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Default Re: McIntosh Turntable


Welcome tot he forum, but I must disagree with your logic.

1) My statement;

I can't get over the hokie retro look to their gear, and to my eyes the turntable epitomised that look, so I am sure it will appeal to many a Mc lovers.

Is obviously an opinion, and should be taken as such. Yes, TO ME ALL McIntosh gear IS UGLY!!!

Now this will surprise you but I have owned vintage McIntosh gear and enjoyed it, but it was still ugly to me.......

I am not and will not tolerate a fight, as this is an opinion and nothing more.......
Ken Taraszka, MD
Associate Editor
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Smile Re: McIntosh Turntable


I`m a big Mcintosh fan. Along with Andrew Robinson of this forum. I have always loved the look of Mcintosh gear. ESPECIALLY, the big blue VU meters. Just turn off all your lights, listen, stare and enjoy. The gold, maybe get your name imprinted on the amps themselves, just the best. And yes, the reliabilty is huge.

I know there are some that believe tweaking and repairs come along with high end, or esoteric gear, but I do not. In fact, at that level, the standard or bar in my opinion, should be at a much higher level. I plan to take the 2 hour tour in Binghamton. They have them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They go thru everything from the knobs, to the faceplates!!

Now leo74, when I first saw the Mcintosh turntable, I did think it was a little weird myself. You must admit, to have that plate across the front. Now, once I saw the rest of the rack, it looked better. But, if someone buys that turntable to put with other gear, I don`t know. People usually do not buy all the same manufacturer. And kennyt, is one of the coolest guys on this forum. Its okay!!
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Smile Re: McIntosh Turntable

I think I want one. I have an Oracle Alexadria, but it can't be that cool
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Default Re: McIntosh Turntable

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Is obviously an opinion, and should be taken as such. Yes, TO ME ALL McIntosh gear IS UGLY!!! .......
Needless to say, with a nickname like mine, I cannot agree with your statement.

To the contrary, I find most of their gear beautiful and classy, especially their Power Amps line of equipment which made them famous in the early fifties and ever since...

I owned about 50 different brands of audio gear since 1969. I had my first set of Mc Intosh MC 60 (Tube Power Maps) for years and unfortunately I had to sell them because they were to dangerous for the small fingers of my young kids (heat wise). Ever since that time I was trying to find the Mc Intosh Tube sound in other brands and I couldn't quite find it. In 2003, I bought a Mc 2102 Tube Power Amp and to listen to Stereo music there's nothing like it. For Multi-channels I have another system (Yamaha) that does the job very well.

I do respect your opinion and I just want to express another opinion. To add to what @leo74 expressed in this topic I would say irregardless how many other brands exists out there for Mc Intosh lovers there's no other brand that can appeal to us like Mc Intosh famous "blue eyes".

If I may push the comparaison to another level ... some men (and I'm one of them) have a natural attraction for women that are not according to today's standard because they are a little chubbier than models published in fashion magazines. To me, women of the 50's and 60's like Marilyn Monroe had that special something that is not today's standards alike Mc Intosh design is.

Thanks for reading me.

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Default Re: McIntosh Turntable

No problem McMan!

I DO appreciate each persons ability to like different things, it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes..

"Freedom is allowing what you most abhor"

Just because it's not for me doesn't make it bad, just bad in my opinion, and we all know what they say about those!
Ken Taraszka, MD
Associate Editor
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