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Vinyl Long live the LP. Post topics about LPs, players, setup and more.

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Default No Name Hi-Fi for Vinyl?

Have you guys seen this site?

They look like retailers or at least a collection of retailers. Ironically, I know many of the names they are representing such as Audio Research, Proac, Bryston, Cardas, Nordost etc...

Might be an interesting place for someone like KennyT to shop for that turntable that is burning a hole in his pocket.
Jerry Del Colliano
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Default Re: Making the switch: CD to vinyl

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post

If you don't like CD, then go SACD or eventually Blu-Ray.

If not, then enjoy your snap, crackle & pop, with your turn table.

IMHO I believe that if you do NOT already have a large record collection, it is stupid to start now.
I agree, most people don't have the commitment or funds to go into vinyl in a big way.

Best for them to stick to the simpler formats like you mentioned.

To the original poster:

You can get into vinyl cheaply, there is so much used vinyl in people garages, attics, at flea markets, thrift stores and of course vinyl stores, and places like Half Price Books.

You can pick up any number of good used Turntables from Craigslist such as Technics, Pioneer, Yamaha, even the more expensive Thoren's can be had.

The number of different cartridges you can buy is astounding with nearly a different sound from each.

This begs the question are you a tinkerer, if you are then you will have a lot of fun with vinyl, if not stay well away.

It can be a lot of work, but if you like "messing" around with stuff it can be a labor of love, only you can decide.

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Default Re: Making the switch: CD to vinyl

only you can decide whether to buy vinyl and turntable or not, but I as an owner of Technics SL-1210MK2 can say that vinyl is superior to CD in quality of sound
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