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Vinyl Long live the LP. Post topics about LPs, players, setup and more.

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Default Re: CD vs Vinyl

Amen!! to no mp3's.
I have never, nor intend to ever, download music.
As far as SACD and DVD-A, I had a Denon DVD-2900, an excellent player, from all reviews, and SACD and DVD-A sounded great.
I always liked the sound I got from tht player and format.
But, I replaced the player with a Panasonic BD-55, Blu-ray, without SACD/DVD-A.
A thought..
Sony, the inventor of SACD, has abandoned it, while LP sales, according to industry tracking records, have almost increased 100% last year, and growing by leaps and bounds, while CD sales are dropping fast.
DVD-A is dead, by all accounts, as will SACD, in a matter of time.
I saw Shelby Lynne on CBS's Evening News talking about her new album, recorded all analog, live with her band, "With A Little Lovin", an excellent record, by the way, musically and sonically, and after the discussion on why she wanted it to be on LP, the sonics and "rightness" of it all, she looked at Katie Couric, with LP in hand, and said "and look how big my picture is!!"
"Let's see 'em try and download this"!
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Default Re: CD vs Vinyl

Unfortunately that won't deter them. You can capture vinyl to a mp3 file that will be as good as a ripped CD stored as a mp3 file. I have done many, not for serious listening, but for DJ work I used to do. That's where mp3s excel - in DJ land. The ability to carry 10,000 tracks under your arm is phenomenal. Most dances don't need quality. btw, I don't download music either.
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Default Re: CD vs Vinyl

This may not be the appropriate place to mention.. but we sell all vinyl record supplies and have a growing army of customers.
You are welcome to take a peek at (Vinyl care and mailing supplies for vinyl)

link below:

Let us know if we ticked anyone off by placing this note here... we don't want to do that!
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Default Re: CD vs Vinyl

From a technical point of view rather than a subjective one. A properly authored and recorded CD has far less distortion than that generated by a diamond tracking though a soft vinyl canyon at less than the precise angle generated by the cutting lathe of the vinyl master not to mention all the physical processes whose minor errors add up to additional audio information. is offline   Reply With Quote
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Cool Re: CD vs Vinyl

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Analog master tape is INCREDIBLE.
Where I think vinyl is important is in volume of music. You can collect and love music on LP in ways that are far more meaningful. Assuming you can still find a record store near you (Aaron's is gone, Amoeba is gone, The Record Collector is gone - all in LA)...<snip>
Amoeba in Hollywood would be very unhappy to hear you say that. The flagship operation is still alive and well, hosting live music on the weekends and making millions of LP/CD/video items for sale any time! Plus you can still go to Amoeba/SF or Amoeba/Berkeley if you're in NoCal.

Best, EricO
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My wish has come true. I no longer know how to use my telephone."
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Default Re: CD vs Vinyl

Hey, my handle says it all!

Super-tweaked Mitchel GyroDek/Rega RB300/Shure V-15VMR vs. custom-modded Phillips CD-80 with Double Crown S1 16 bit chips and I hear:

Classical, vocal, acoustic and jazz LP's sound more like the music I hear at live concerts. The comparable CD's are nice, but don't sound quite as real, nor do they present the same sense of depth and space of the venue as recorded on the LP.

It's important to note that my comparisons are based on vinyl LP's recorded on analog tape vs. their digitized equivalents on CD's. Digitally recorded and/or mastered LP's don't sound nearly as good to me.

For most of us this question is like discussing politics or religion, so no intent here to prolong the debate: I only state what I hear, with my equipment, in my system.

I've tried multiple mega-expensive CD players and/or DAC combo's and much to the dismay of my relatively local, really excellent dealer (Audio Advice in Raleigh, NC) I still prefer the sound of vinyl.

As always, YMMV, of course.
"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."
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