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Stewart Filmscreen Optimizes GrayHawk RS G3 and StudioTek G3 For 1080p HD Projectors
Stewart Filmscreen Corporation(r), will demonstrate their latest "Generation 3" versions of the highly popular GrayHawk Reference Screen (RS) and StudioTek 130 front projection screens. Following last year's release of the FireHawk G3 1080p, this now completes a family of front projection screens optimized for 1080p HD projectors.

The GrayHawk RS G3 and StudioTek 130 G3 are the next generation of Stewart's most popular home cinema front projection screen materials. Both have been redesigned specifically for 1080p projectors and source material. True 1080p has arrived with a wide assortment of both projectors and source devices to choose from. Stewart's re-optimization of the GrayHawk RS and StudioTek 130's optical coating improves pixel density to ensure the best possible transparency (imaging or resolution) of 1080p (and higher) resolution images. To that end, both the GrayHawk RS G3 and StudioTek 130 G3 provide greater depth, contrast and color saturation than previous versions. The materials used for both screens are formulated with reduced surface texture, allowing for larger screen sizes due to the higher resolution. The superior performance is so compelling and film-like that the delivery system becomes completely undetectable.

The G3's ultra-fine optical coating improves uniformity for consistent brightness across the entire screen. Optimized for significantly improved contrast ratio, regardless of the projector, the GrayHawk G3 1080p has a gain of .92, with a half gain of 64 degrees. The StudioTek 130 is rated with a slightly higher gain of 1.3 and a half gain of 42 degrees.

"We are embracing the age of high-definition by offering materials engineered specifically for 1080p," says Joaquin Rivera, Director of Sales for Stewart Filmscreen.

"GrayHawk G3 and StudioTek 130 G3, along with the previously released FireHawk G3, are the perfect companions for the latest generation of 1080p projectors, providing stunning high-definition images. At Stewart, our objective is to take a great looking image, and make it look better. Working with our customers to create the highest image fidelity is our first priority."

GrayHawk RS was the first gray reference screen and has become extremely popular with custom installers and systems integrators. This below unity gain screen serves as the perfect companion for today's ultra-bright projectors that may lack high contrast and in black level. The StudioTek 130 is without question the industry's reference screen, offering 30% more brightness than the average matte-white screen. Joe Kane and the ISF have certified both of their predecessors. The improvements that were integrated into the G3 versions of these two screen materials were closely monitored and supervised by Joe Kane and his official certification of the G3 versions will be announced soon after CEDIA.

In a super high fidelity display, Stewart Filmscreen will showcase the new GrayHawk RS G3 in the biggest way possible, with a 45-inch by 103-inch screen and Runco1080p projector for what will prove to be the image to see during CEDIA '07. To see this demonstration and other Stewart Filmscreen products visit them at Booth #316 at the Colorado Convention Center.

JerryDelColliano 09-17-2007 07:23 AM

Re: Stewart Filmscreen Optimizes GrayHawk RS G3 and StudioTek G3 For 1080p HD Project
I got a demo of this up close and personal at CEDIA and they have a point here.

The more "fine" pattern on the screen really does look better for 1080p. It makes me want to redo the material on my screen. I wonder if I would need to have the entire video system recalibrated?

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